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  • Jack Session Manager  v.0.2JackSM (Jack Session Manager) is a gui to launch/control the Jack audio server.
  • Save Session  v. you to choose whether to save the current session and close Firefox for the next startup ...
  • Django-session-csrf  v.0.5django-session-csrf is an alternative implementation of Django's CSRF protection that does not use cookies.
  • VNC Session Manager  v.0.8VNC Session Manager adds the nessary glue code between VNC's two execution modes that enables xdm based login to disconnected sessions.
  • Lounge Lizard Session  v.3.1Offering four different types of pianos and a great selection of effects.
  • HPC Pack 2008 Fix for Threads Leaking from Session.CreateSession  v.2.00.1588This update fixes a problem were Session.
  • Session Manager for Linux  v.0.7.5Building upon SessionStore,.
  • Plone.session  v.3.4plone.
  • Mac - Session Drum Tracks: Gating  v.1.0Apple Mac: Chosing the Best Online Studio Drummer for Your Drum Tracks - This video lesson explains what "gating" is and why its so important that its done properly for your online custom drum tracks.System Requirements: Any modern web browser with ...
  • Session 2 WAV  v.1.9.48Software for cutting WAV files (8, 16, 20 and 24 bit) with a graphical view fade options and Normalization function. The individual regions can play before being exported. Since losing even audio sample CDs or A?berspielungen from disk and tape their ...
  • Brix - mod_perl session/template engine  v.0.51Project has been obsoleted by Brix2, for which no public release is available. (Due to the lack of interest in Brix1 the work necessary to release publicly is simply not justified).This means this project is ...
  • X3270 Session Manager  v.1.0.8A little program (GUI) created to automate, manage and customize x3270 connections without using the command line options Just like you have on industry standard 3270 terminal ...
  • Storyteller: RPG session manager  v.1.0This application lets gamemasters easily create and manage RPG sessions; make new items, locations, spells, etc. Any RPG system can be added via plugin. GMs can upload created adventures to web server and manage them using XML-RPC.
  • Terminal session recorder  v.1.0Transcript merges functionality of legacy UNIX 'script' tool and shell command history to provide a convenient access to the list of executed commands along with its output. Includes also automatic user input highlight and copy to X11 ...
  • Jambs (Java Message-Based Session)  v.1.0Java middleware which allows a server to manage sessions that can involve several clients and take advantage of tcp/udp message-based communication. Sorry for the lack of documentation.
  • Django-session-attachments  v.0.2This app aims to work with attachments in Django.
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