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'Organ Session' for Apple Logic / Garage Band for Mac OS  v.1.0

The Logic-version of 'zOrgan Session's includes Main Stage Patches, EXS24 Sampler Instruments and EVB3 Plug-In Settings with drawbars organs. The GarageBand Version includes Software Instruments based on the Instrument-Generator “Tone Wheel

Summer Session for Mac OS  v.1.1.5

It’s summer - and you’re still in school! In Summer Session, you must balance your schedule to raise your stats and pass your exams. Meet unique characters, make friends, and find romance, then play again to unlock all the endings. -

Chose a Session Drummer for Drum Tracks  v.1.0

Chosing the Best Session Drummer for Your Drum Tracks - This video lesson explains what to look for and how to chose the best session drummer for your online custom drum

Custom Drum Tracks By A Session Drummer  v.1.0

Get Custom Drum Tracks By An Online Session Drummer Windows

Poker Session Time Sheet  v.1.0

A PDF file used as a poker session time sheet for people who need paper records.

Distcache, Distributed session caching  v.1.5.1

Distributed session caching tools and APIs, primarily for SSL/TLS servers though perhaps useful for other (non-SSL/TLS) circumstances. Also includes a self-contained network abstraction library (libnal), and the sslswamp SSL/TLS benchmark/test

Ip-session  v.0.1

ip-session gets info of network trafic, such as sip, dip, sport, dport, etc. from linux kernel; gets account info of each traffic, such as in/out bytes/pkgs, etc.; else, gives session management function, such as query/del,

My Session  v.2.0.b3

"My session" is a class that stores session data in a database rather than files. This method in most secure than the default session system of

Pop - a MVC framework for client session  v.1.0

Pop is a pure MVC framework for J2EE application. Object-based model can be mapped to multiple loosly-coupled views. Object reference represents hyperlink & url. Object can be transfered among pages as parameter. Session can be stored in client

Terminal session monitor toolkit  v.3.0.3

With ttyutils, a user can watch and control a remote user's terminal session, record the terminal session to a file for later playback. or write scripts to automate interactive terminal programs such

Simple Telnet Session Manager  v.1.0

STSM - Simple Telnet Session Manager - The manager is a TCP server that maintains telnet sessions for its clients in order to support 'rsh/ssh -c' like behavior through telnet.

ASP.NET session state provider for MySQL  v.1.0

This project contains an ASP.NET session state store provider for MySQL.

Gedit session autosaver plugin  v.0.4b

A simple plugin for GEdit the GNOME editor to automatically save and restore open session of editing tabs

TCP Session Sniffer  v.1.0

this pcap based project is used for capture tcp session. it use a sizeable hash table to build a captured session table, and so can capture tcp session which begin with tcp syn or tcp syn+ack.

RTP Session Identification Library  v.0.4b

libfindrtp is a C library providing functions used to identify Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) session endpoint ports and network addresses from active VoIP signaling traffic.

Session Java  v.1.0

Session Java is an extention over Java which provides functionality to allow the typechecking of sessions at compile time. The sessions are defined using the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and are modelled on sessions in Pi Calculus.

Cross-Application Session Authentication  v.1.0

CASA is a set of plugins for web apps so they will authenticate off of the same session, enabling single sign-on on a website, allowing sessions to span across multiple web-apps such as phpbb, wordpress, mediawiki, and so forth. Mi casa es su casa.

Jack Session Manager  v.0.2

JackSM (Jack Session Manager) is a gui to launch/control the Jack audio server.

Save Session  v.

Enables you to choose whether to save the current session and close Firefox for the next startup

Django-session-csrf  v.0.5

django-session-csrf is an alternative implementation of Django's CSRF protection that does not use cookies.

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